What if your attorney cared
about your business as
much as you do?

Your lawyer should be a
trusted business advisor and a champion of your success

Davis Law in Enid is a group of dedicated corporate counsel, litigation experts and business lawyers to business clients of all sizes. Our goal is to provide you with a solid foundation for growth while preventing and eliminating legal problems that rob you of your peace of mind and prevent you from building a life-changing business.

Working with Davis Law allows you to:

  • Prevent legal problems and mistakes before they happen
  • Deal with legal problems if they do arise to minimize interference with the business
  • Capitalize on opportunities through better business practices

Davis Law generates success for entrepreneurial, growth-oriented businesses in Enid and the surrounding Oklahoma communities through outside corporate counsel and litigation services.

Our Outside General Counsel Services &
How We Work

Every relationship starts with an in-depth evaluation of your business and current needs. Based on your size, we start with one of two approaches and then develop a custom relationship designed to meet your needs and add value to your business.


For growing businesses, we can streamline and systematize procedures so your business keeps up with and maintains its growth. We further amplify your success by foreseeing issues that frequently result from rapid growth, creating solutions and refining your practices.


For more established companies looking to capitalize on new opportunities, our business lawyers in Enid offer legal expertise to protect ongoing operations. We can also help build procedures so you are free to be more of an entrepreneur than a daily manager.

“He tries to understand my business and know the inner workings. Our relationship is similar to the one I have with my banker—I don’t mind sharing information with him and I get sound advice in return.”


Our Practice Areas

Outside General Counsel

Outside general corporate counsel provides companies with ongoing legal support without the expense of a having an attorney on staff. Whether you need help developing your next business venture, reviewing a new vendor contract, avoiding an employment lawsuit or planning the succession of your business, our Enid business lawyers can help.

Business/Commercial Litigation

Our years of experience in business and corporate law mean success for you. From business collections and claims to pursuing corporate litigation against a party who has broken an agreement, we ensure that your business and interests are receiving the best possible representation.

Meet Our Team